Tim Bannon, Jehanne Mehta and JLM Morton with David Clarke
Thursday March 28th • 7.30 for 8pm • Free entry
Refreshments • Pamphlets for sale

STROUD POETS Tim Bannon, Jehanne Mehta and JLM Morton will read from a new pamphlet, the first in the second series of ‘Stroud Poets’ pamphlets.  Jehanne and Tim’s new poems develop ideas of place and personality in thoughtful and sharply relevant pieces while JLM Morton, who is a new voice to the project, shows a remarkable command of imagery in making observations about relationships and the environment.

They will be joined by guest poet from Cheltenham, David Clarke, whose new collection of poems — rather provocatively titled Europeans — explores journeys, ideas of nationhood, difficult histories and the optimism of a time and when Europe and Britain enjoyed a quite different entente cordiale.  David was the winner of the Michael Marks Poetry Award 2013.

The evening will be introduced by Philip Rush.
The second series of Stroud Poets pamphlets will be dedicated to the memory of Jay Ramsay who died at the end of December 2018 after a long illness which he bore with fortitude and selflessness.  He was instrumental in establishing this project and contributed not only his own poetry and insights but an enthusiasm for the work of others and for poetry in Stroud.  He is deeply missed.


Jola Malin

"In Carry a Whisper, Jola Malin immerses us in her experience of being bereaved by suicide.

"With an eye for story, image and poetry, Jola Malin's narrative explores our relationships with loss and survival. This beautiful book resonates and takes on new life in the reader as it casts a net over rarely documented common ground. Its personal honesty weaves its way into our understanding of the expressive work required to attend to such complicated grief."

— Claire Williamson


Mark Huband

Mark Huband's new pamphlet combines a freshness of vision and language with the experience of a foreign correspondent.
His writing here, especially those poems derived from a visit to Ireland, is a tour de force of poetic reportage.


Rowan Middleton

Rowan Middleton’s new pamphlet recasts English pastoral poetry
for a 21st century where the countryside and the natural world are under threat.


Philip Rush

Philip’s poems in this booklet follow the seasons through a year or two,
and seek to find something significant to say about small events and long preoccupations.
The star is Tina Modotti, Italian-born re
volutionary and photography
whose imagined visit to Norfolk is captured in a short series of lyric poems.