Poetry at The Museum in the Park
Thursday 1st February 2018  7.30 for 8  Free entry  Pamphlets on sale

Jeff Cloves and Philip Rush will read poems old and new when they join three poets who have contributed poems to the new Stroud Poets Pamphlet, No 8.  

Jeff is nearing completion of his 2017 project, a poem written each week, which has ended up as a collage of memories and reflections, and Philip has a short pamphlet out which concerns, in some ways, relationships between grief and creativity.

Eley Furrell, a popular and familiar reader of his work locally, writes muscular and engaged verse which holds spiritual beauty at arm’s length;  Kim Baker, who is an actor born and raised in Stroud, offers poetry born of meditations from nature;  Jo Casling, who makes big abstract paintings, writes small and finely judged poems which hide a busy wit.  Their Stroud Poets 8 pamphlet will be available for £5.

All are welcome, especially if you have not been before.  Stroud Poets is planning a celebration for its first ten volumes, so if you write and would like to be considered for future publication, please come along and make yourself known!

'The Slad Valley Chapbook'
is a new joint venture
between Yew Tree Press and PhotoStroud.
An occasional magazine
featuring artists, photographers
and writers from Stroud & further afield.

The first edition features photographs
by Fred Chance, Ruth Davey,
Sarah Dixon & Kel Portman,
a reflection on ceramics by Aimee Lax,
a poem by Jacqui Stearn
(which includes a vintage recipe),
some thoughts on landscape theory,
and a 'found poem' from E F Knight.

Copies at £5 are available
from Stroud Bookshop,
R & R Books, Stroud,
and from us direct,
post free, if you email.



All books are available from Yew Tree Press. Postage and packing is free. Contact Yew Tree Press by email.
Books are also available from us via Amazon.


    Peter Owen Jones is an Anglican vicar
who works on the northern slopes of the Sussex Downs east of Lewes.  
He has introduced television series, including Around the World in 80 Faiths
and has published a number of books on broadly religious themes.  
His recent book, Pathlands, presents humble and meditative accounts
of twenty-one walks “among the villages of Britain”.  
His Yew Tree Press pamphlet presents short, lyrical and finely worked poems in a distinctive vioce which meditate on local traditions, landscape, the English weather, and love.
Stroud Poets 7, 24 pages, £5 SOLD OUT Stroud Poets 6, 24 pages, £5 ONLY A FEW LEFT Stroud Poets 5, 24 pages, £5 SOLD OUT

Mark Huband has a selection of poems in "Stroud Poets 3" and he has built on these with a pamphlet themed around the rediscovery of a long-lost childhood friendship. His are honest and clear-sighted poems, finely expressed with delicacy and subtlety. Mark has enjoyed a succesful career as a foreign correspondent and journalist and the same skills which served him so well in those fields serve him equally well in these more personal works.

Pamphlet, 24 pages, £5

Mark's website is accessible here.

"The simple grey and black cover of this book –texture perhaps taken from a tree or wall, with a white crack or line separating author's name and book title – is in many ways apt for what the reader find inside: a collection of beguiling, uneasy poems that probe ideas of love, politics and human experience."
Rupert Loydell, Stride magazine.

Read the full review by Rupert Loydell in Stride which can be found on line here.

There is also a fine piece on Maria and on this book by David Clarke on his blog, A Thing for Poetry.

Perfect bound book, 52 pages, £10

Pete Hoida is a painter who has lived and worked in Stroud for many years. His paintings are often large, and always distinctive and compelling. They continue to develop. Pete Hoida has established a career as an abstract artist committed to the modernist tradition. He was a ‘little magazine’ and ‘slim volume’ poet of the sixties and seventies. His translations of poems by Blaise Cendrars were published in the Penguin Modern European Poets series. Though he has written poems over several decades, and read in venues throughout Britain and Europe, this is Pete's first ever reading in Stroud.

"The Decline of Heavy Industry", from Yew Tree Press, marks Pete Hoida's return to verse in a pamphlet-length selection of poems significant for their fresh-eyed modernism.

Pamphlet, 24 pages, £5

Pete's website is accessible here.

Our new set of six "Stroud Poets" will feature writers from a wide varety of backgrounds. Uta Baldauf and James Dick have a wide range of interests but have been seen recently in Stroud and further afield fronting avant-garde rock bands. Caroline Shaw's poetry has a similar, feisty honesty as she addresses relationships and spirituality.

Allan Peacey writes of his life in Stroud, where he was born and bred, while Tonia Maddision brings an artist's eye to her writing. Tim Wilson's poetry has a firm grasp of language and structure and succeeds in using language to hint at what what can't be easily expressed in words.

There is a fine range of excellent work in these two new pamphlets.

Stroud Poets 4, 24 pages, £5
Stroud Poets 3, 24 pages, £5 Stroud Poets 2, 24 pages, £5 Stroud Poets 1, 24 pages, £5