Thursday 12th April
Stroud Poets 9 at the Museum in the Park, Stroud, 7.30 for 8. Free entry. Pamphlets for sale @£5.

In the next poetry evening in the Stroud Poets series, three poets read from pamphlet number nine. Jenny Daisley’s poetry, in careful and often witty reflection, finds deeper truths in the everyday and in the business of the contemporary world. Charles Graham writes formal poetry; his idiom in some ways echoes writers of the mid-twentieth century, but he writes with expertise, a smile and a modern irony. Sally Whitman’s poetry combines an immediate narrative appeal with profound honesty. All three write poetry which is engaging and rewarding.

They will be joined by the three poets whose work was sampled in Stroud Poets One: Adam Horovitz, who has recently published a fine collection of poems which follow the work of four farms across four seasons; Maria Stadnicka, whose collection Imperfect has been very well received; and Rick Vick, who will be celebrating an important birthday.

Everyone is welcome, especially if you have not been before. Stroud Poets is planning a celebration for its first ten volumes, so if you write and would like to be considered for future publication, please come along and make yourself known!