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Two Online Events

'Stroud Poets' Poetry Reading

31st March 2021

Lizzie Bestow • Olivier Huband • Belinda Rimmer • Andrew Stafford • Jacqui Stearn

Zoom • Join between 7.30 pm and 8 • Reading starts at 8 • Ends at 9 • Free entry

Email Yew Tree Press for joining instructions.



Lizzie Bestow writes about rebirth and change
and it is only when the poems
have been slowly read and considered
that the power of the title
to this concise sequence registers
with the importance it has earned.





The three poets in Stroud Poets 2.10
see the world
in rewardingly different ways.

Olivier Huband's world is exuberant,
street-wise & combative
but it is not without humour;
Belinda Rimmer looks
through the lens of a photographer
to find juxtapositions and puzzles;
Andrew Stafford walks the hills
around Stroud and beyond
to meditate on the slow experience
of landscape.

All three poets are fully in control
of their language
and of the finely judged structure of their poems.



Jacqui Stearn’s poetry
explores the spiritual dimension
to our engagement with the countryside,
with landscape, and with the wild.

The poems often pause for reflection,
and invite the reader to join the space:

The rosebay stills.
No birdsong or other sound
enters the silence.



Yew Tree Press Showcase

29th April 2021

Andrew Fusek Peters • Imogen Harvey-Lewis • Diana Humphrey • JLM Morton

Zoom • Join between 7.30 pm and 8 • Presentation starts at 8 • Ends at 9 • Free entry

Email Yew Tree Press for joining instructions.


Andrew will talk about the composition
of 'Hill & Dale',
his record of a calendar year
in the landscapes of Shropshire,
and share some of the stunning images
from that book.
He will also say something about his new book, 'Flight'.

"This is a gem of a book,
packed full of truly stunning photographs,
as Andrew takes us through the changing seasons.
I urge you to buy this book;
you will not be disappointed."

— Iolo Williams

Imogen will introduce to you
her trilogy of booklets
which look with a quizzical eye
at the impact of lockdown
and social distancing
on human relationships.
Told in her characteristically laconic style,
Imogen's stories touch a nerve,
capture a moment and raise a smile.

Diana Humphrey’s poetry
with good humour and insight
the experience of life in Stroud.
These are in some ways
poems about growing old
but also,
perhaps in more important ways,
they are poems about staying young.
She will also read
from her pamphlet, 'Remnants'.





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Despite the pandemic and the international emergency, Yew Tree Press is continuing to publish pamphlets and books. Unfortunately, we are unable at this time to accompany the publication with launch events at Stroud's Museum in the Park as we should like to do and has we have done for several years. We are hoping to find a way of making online launches, through Zoom, feasible and attractive, and details of any forthcoming launches will appear here.

We have five books in the offing. Four of these are pamphlets of poetry. Diana Humphrey's Remnants: Poems for Zoë is a short collection of poems written in memory of Diana's daughter. They are strong poems whose imagery sustains thought and feeling and whose sequence is memorable and integral.

Three new pamphlets respond in different ways to the importance of the natural world to our well-being in times of crisis. Philip Rush followed the same walk for one hundred consecutive days during the national lockdown in the spring and early summer of 2020. The poems in Light Wood Dark were assembled after eighty days around the wood, as part of the Outposted Project.

Mark Huband walked farther afield and his pamphlet, The Crossing, records almost in real time his emotions and thoughts as he undertakes the demanding GR10 long-distance footpath across the French Pyrenees, beginning in Hendaye on the Atlantic coast in the Bay of Biscay and heading east to cross the Basque country.

JLM Morton, who is a leading light in the Outposted Project, has been spending time visiting Lake 32 on the Cotswold Water Park near South Cerney. She has responded to the borders between the natural world and human leisure and has walked through the woodland and swum through cold water in order to bring despatches from experiences more foreign than we might imagine. The poems in Lake 32 are at the same time varied and adventurous with language and form while adding together to capture an important and intriguing sense of place and time.

The pamphlets cost £5 each, including postage, £10 for three. Email your order by clicking here.

Finally, there is a wonderful book of photographs from Andrew Fusek Peters, with accompanying text, which follow a calendar year in the Shropshire hills. Hill and Vale is a full-size art-photography book whose photographs of the wildlife and landscapes of Shropshire are second to none. Hill and Vale is available direct from us at £25 (UK postage included). Email your order by clicking here.




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