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Natasha Dahlberg lives in Brighton;
she is an actor, writer and jewellery designer
Natasha's poems are wittily autobiographical,
honest and humorous.
They have a jaunty seriousness
and their rhymes work a treat.
Sometimes they are
chatty & informal
but they are always precise & exact.
The book is beautifully presented
with illustrations by Natasha herself.

Mercury in Retrograde is her first volume of poetry.

Andrew's new book
of photographs
and poems
develops the theme
of 'flight',
extraordinary shots
not only of birds
& butterflies
but also of leaping fish,
frogs and squirrels,
shooting stars
and standing stones.
Andrew's poems
address the theme
by speaking directly
to the animal in question
in a way which brings
a new dimension to the photographs they accompany.

Iolo Williams said
of Andrew's previous book
Hill and Dale that it was
"full of truly stunning photographs:
I urge you to buy this book!"

For some of us,
Bob Dylan's songs
have accompanied our lives
for as long as we can remember,
and their highlights
and their shadows
have echoed
good times as well as
bad times.
Mark Huband takes us
on a journey through
a life lived under the shadow
of songs from 1963
("Girl from the North Country")
to 2020
"Crossing the Rubicon").
His sonnets are rich
with imagery,
allusive and delightfully


JLM Morton will read some of her recent work.
She celebrates both nature and the crisis which the natural world is facing; she finds wilderness, nonetheless, in countryside close at hand.

She has a rich control of language and register which makes her work memorable and worthy of much re-reading.



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will be available for purchase on the night of our October reading event,
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Andrew Fusek Peters

My Shropshire Year

Landscape and Wildlife Photography

"Particularly impressi
ve ... a wonderfully curated and inspiring testament to Andrew’s creativity and sheer hard work."
— Amateur Photographer




Published October 2020 and available now.
Over 180 pages in A4 landscape format of full colour photographs
arranged as the months move through the Shropshire year;
£25 including post and packing.

Payment by cheque or BACS transfer. Email your order by clicking here.

Andrew's book is also available from Amazon.

"This is a gem of a book, packed full of truly stunning photographs,
as Andrew takes us through the changing seasons.
I urge you to buy this book;
you will not be disappointed."

— Iolo Williams







JLM Morton & Susie Hetherington

A Litany for a Hedgerow

JLM Morton and Susie Hetherington
run wild with the hedgerow,
unveiling its secrets, naming its parts
and celebrating its part in our lives.
an important and intriguing sense of place and time.

Philip Rush

There and back again

'Is it just me or
are there more ravens these days,
croaking in the trees?'

More poems born
of walking the woods
jostle with memories
of Spain.


The three poets in Stroud Poets 2.10
see the world
in rewardingly different ways.

Olivier Huband's world is exuberant,
street-wise & combative
but it is not without humour;
Belinda Rimmer looks
through the lens of a photographer
to find juxtapositions and puzzles;
Andrew Stafford walks the hills
around Stroud and beyond
to meditate on the slow experience
of landscape.



Published Spring 2021
and available for order now.

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Philip Rush

There and back again

'Each day we took the same route,
although we now alternated
between a clockwise
and an anti-clockwise direction.
Anti-clockwise seemed steeper.'

JLM Morton

from the Cotswold Water Park

JLM Morton's pamphlet is now available directly from the author here.



Jola Malin

Mourning a suicide, finding a language for loss, and a searching for 'healing':
Jola Malin immerses us in her experience of being bereaved by suicide.

[£10, 214pp]



Published November 2020 and available for order now.
These pamphlets address each in a distinctive way
a retreat to the natural world and a return from it.

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Other Yew Tree Press poetry pamphlets cost £5 each or £10 for any 3. (Including postage within UK.)
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