The Decline of Heavy Industry
Pete Hoida


The guide finds uninteresting
The concrete town which serves
As a transport hub. To me
It is more beautiful
Than the blue pig, the iced
Pinnacles which can be ascended
By rope, and the cheesecake.

The Asian taxi-driver
Drives us in the Arctic
To Hotel Ami. It is good
To turn your back on departures
The woman you met on the internet
And arrivals, with no baggage.
It is one a.m. The dark
Must be in the tin.

Will the Spanish tourists
Who sing la bamba
Please die gracefully.
Takk tusen. I didn’t
Learn the language
And understand you can fish
Through a hole in the ice.
Dear, it is nice
To suck salty liquorice
Whilst the Lithuanian
Waiter with the water
Calls home on his cell phone.

I like the torsk
When the Latvian anglers
Emptied their guts
In the fjord
The terns and skuas skewered.

The sun was huge
On the runway floor
And came in the door
At the entrance to the tunnel
Which was the only black.